Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Notable Calls Network (NCN): AM, SFLY & CSCO

We have caught some interesting (and profitable!) situations at Notable Calls Network (NCN) in the past couple of days:

1) Shutterfly (NASDAQ:SFLY), American Greeting (NYSE:AM)

Apple announced yesterday at their iPhone 4GS event that they will be releasing an app for iOS devices, where users can create and mail 1 to 1 greeting cards.

- Around 1:28 PM ET a particularly sharp & knowledgeable NCN member hit me with the following remarks:

New iPhone, iPad app called "Cards" allows you to make cards to send to people. American Greetings (NYSE:AM) getting hit on this, Shutterfly (NASDAQ:SFLY) also. "SFLY might get killed on this, " he added.

I quickly blasted the comments to NCN. Here what's happened:

American Greetings (NYSE:AM) went from $18 to as low as $16 (2 pts)

Shutterfly (NASDAQ:SFLY) went from $39 to as low as $33.50 (5.5 pts)

Both trades had ample size to be taken.

- We also caught a couple of analyst defends in SFLY, as around 1:55 PM ET Morgan Keegan was out defense of the name saying Apple has been in the photo market for years with iLife and its latest app does not appear to challenge Shutterfly in events and occasions, design choice, or even on price. (Marked green on the chart)

As you can see that also delivered for us.

2) Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO)

- Around 10:33 AM ET a hedge fund manager primaly focused on technology sector pinged me with the following snippet:

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--A bipartisan pair of senators plans to introduce on Thursday a bill proposing a tax break for U.S. companies that bring home foreign profits.

"= CSCO, MSFT, AAPL," he added.

This made perfect sense. Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) buybacks! Offshore cash!

- Here's what happened: $0.50 move in CSCO.

Later a NCN member told me he got $0.20 on 150,000 shares from the call. That's $30,000 profit in one trade.

These are the things that make me smile.

This is how Notable Calls Network (NCN) works - sharing the flow. We catch them every day.

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