Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): Buyback coming, stock could hit $40 next yr - UBS

I'm hearing (and have it confirmed) that UBS is out with call on Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) saying the co could be preparing for a $20B stock buyback, one that would be completed over the next three months.

The firm recommends buying the stock now as the company is unlikely to make an announcement until the buyback has been completed. UBS thinks MSFT shares could reach $40 in the next year.

Notablecalls: I see some buy interest in MSFT here in pre mkt.

$40 target sure sounds huge. But on the other hand, UBS research has been so-so lately.



phaeton said...

I heard the same thing--it makes a lot of sense with the current valuation.

The HardHead Fund said...

Ballmer is soooo original an innovative - HA! He did this back in 2004 with $30 Billion and $3 dividend - boosted the stock just a little if I recall... wasting 75 Billion FOLKS. I jumped on it then but not this time! MSFT is a mountain stuck with BAD senior management. Similar to the US Government... would you buy stock in GW Bush? Thank you!