Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS): Opco's Meredith Whitney cuts EPS

Looks like Opco's Meredith Whitney is also taking her ests down this AM:

Firm is lowering 3Q08 EPS estimate to $2.15 from $3.54, FY2008 estimate goes to $14.32 from $15.75, and FY2009 estimate to $14.90 from $16.30.

Notablecalls: This is in addition to DB's downgrade this AM (see below). Goldman is going to get whacked today, I suspect.

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roberta said...

where did meredith whitney come from? all of a sudden she is the new queen of wall street. what has she ever done? is she the new elaine garzarelli, the flameout queen? why should we give a shit what she says? this is becoming like Hollywood. Ridiculous. we Americans can mess up anything and everything.