Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scientific Games (NASDAQ:SGMS): Heads up from a hedgie

A smart hedgie just pinged me with the following:

Gruppo Lottomattica reported a little bit ago today, they had a a great number, its an Italian company. In the report they said Scientific Games (NASDAQ:SGMS) gained mkt share.

Not sure if anyone cares or if it means much but I bought some in here. I think if people realize it's a big deal.

Gruppo Lottomattica press release

Notablecalls: Hope it helps. - fyi


David said...

Nice call on this one, but not sure it makes up for the two Elan posts :)

notablecalls said...

ELN call was issued at $21 and the stock ran to $23 soon after. If you had a 2 pt gain and you didnt take it you have zero business being in the trading side.