Sunday, February 03, 2008

Notable Calls Network (NCN): UggTrader & Tilt

As most of you on Notable Calls Network (NCN) probably have noticed, I have started highlighting some prop calls made by a couple of traders, namely NCN UggTrader(1) and NCN Tilt. Combined, these two traders have over 30 years of experience in the field. Most of their calls have so far been intraday in nature. Here are a some examples:

*Jan 31

- (10:12:41 AM) NCN UggTrader: RL might be a short here. Stock could not hold pos on the day.. ran too fast too quick.

- (10:21:56 AM): NCN UggTrader: Covering half RL at $59.00.. stop to entry on remainder. This so such a typical trade for me, dude. I love this sh*t.

- (10:24:49 AM): NCN Tilt: ABK and MBI ignoring bad news flipped green, seems like squeeze very possible with 50 cent stop might be ok long trade intraday only.

- (10:37:20 AM): NCN UggTrader: MNST acting heavy here.. Stock more than a point off lows, has a resistence at $27.60, an area that marks the intraday high. Watching very closely.

- (11:47:20 AM): MBI earlier stopped me for 50 cent loss. ABK held, just sold half +1.00 and rest have stop mid 11s and letting it run intraday.

- (12:19:32 PM): NCN UggTrader: MNST coming in, the stock is not participating in the market strength here.. I hope some take advantage of the $27.60 area for a point profit. Stock is trading $26.88.

- (12:20:58 PM): NCN UggTrder: MNST made a high of $27.86 and is now delivering a point on a golden platter.

* Feb 1

- (07:32:53 AM): NCN UggTrader: Shorted YHOO at $30.75. Risking pennies.

- (07:43:14 AM): NCN Tilt: BIDU up $20 seems very tempting for a fade on weak GOOG results.

- (07:52:08 AM): NCN UggTrader: Took off some YHOO at $30.10.

- (07:55:03 AM): NCN Tilt: Shorted tiny BIDU $299.65 will add higher if need be every 5-7 points. Looking for 9-10 point fade.

- (08:05:58 AM): NCN Tilt: Covered BIDU at $291 +8.65.

- (08:07:24 AM): NCN UggTrader: Just took off remaining YHOO at $29.65.

- (08:26:43 AM): NCN UggTrader: I think Kaufman Bros. will kill AVID today, they are downgrading the name to a Sell rating, and reducing their target to $15.00 from $28.00.

- (09:01:32 AM): NCN UggTrader: Shorting KBH at $27.45 on the ML downgrade.. stock is only down $0.05.. Stock has had a huge run, coming from $18 just a week ago.

- (09:32:43 AM): NCN UggTrader: Covered KBH at $26.55 for a $0.90 gain.

- (09:38:33 AM): NCN UggTrader: Shorting COLM at $40 risking a point.

- (09:44:19 AM): NCN UggTrader: Scratching the COLM trade for a small loss.. will revisit if & when it breaks $40. Seeme like I was a little early here.. Am continuing to watch the name for first sign of weakness off this bounce.

I left the timestamps on, so you can go over the trades for yourselves.

So, my question to NCN members is the following: After getting a taste of the action by these two, do you wish to keep receiving the alers? Ugg & Tilt seem to make about 1-3 calls like this each day so it's no burden for me to keep disting these to you guys intraday. I know some of you are far to big to be flip-flopping around on anything less than 25,000 share blocks but on the other hand I also know there are people that really appreciate these calls.

Just give me some feedback on this. I'll let the majority to decide.

Enjoy your Sunday,


Footnote: (1) UggTrader got his name after admitting of buying a pair of UGG's. While he claims he bought the slippers, I know better. It was these!


Student_Of_The_Trade said...

Great posts this week...seems like your blog is bringing you a lot more enjoyment as of late, yes? Great to see.

I'm curious....any plans to introduce a subscription based service so that non-NCN Network readers can be privvy to the NCN chats?

Whatever you decide....I'll just say thank you for the effort you put into your blog.



surya said...

continued big fan.

would love to see these calls posted intra-day.

John S. said...

Yes, would love to see the intraday calls on those guys. . Boy, he could have covered BIDU a lot lower, but you never know. .

Thanks . great stuff

Tom said...

Yes/Thamks for all the info.

sunfun said...

Sure those are great intraday calls..keep them coming..

How do you get those recommendations?

Joojee said...

NC - Thanks for your great coverage.

Yes ... it would be useful to see these calls intra-day.

Timothy Hussar said...

always enjoyed the posting and agree with student of the trade, great posting as of late.

would love to see more intra-day postings