Monday, February 11, 2008

Early Morning Tidbits:

- Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is added to Citigroup's Top Picks Live list with a $212 tgt. AAPL is the first addition to the list by the PC & Enterprise Hardware team.

- Morgan Stanley is positive on Dry Bulks.

Firm sees upside in the dry bulk sector into a likely firming in the BDI over the next couple of months. The conclusion of iron ore contracts with China continues to loom as a catalyst for the Dry Bulk group. In their view, anticipation of stronger vessel demand on the back of contract settlement may continue to lead shares to shrug off pressure from incremental negative economic data points. In addition to GNK, they also highlight QMAR as an attractive way to gain exposure. In the tanker sector, valuations remain below liquidation values, while the market outlook in firm's view remains relatively robust from ship owners.

- RBC calling for a surprise in Applied Material's (NASDAQ:AMAT) orders/order guidance.


roberta said...

simon, how about more comment on the drybulk call. appreciate your work.

steve coleman

notablecalls said...

there ya go.