Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hansen Nautral (NASDAQ:HANS): Actionable Call Alert!

- Longbow Research is out with a nice call on Hansen Natural (NASDAQ:HANS) saying the co ikely experienced a material volume boost during late 4Q07 ahead of January 2008 price increases. They are raising 4Q07E EPS by $0.02 to $0.39 in order to account for this volume lift.

According to their C&G survey findings during 4Q07, Monster continued to improve its position on the shelves and market share blips from Red Bull's 16.9 ounce launch simply represented a numbers squeeze.

For 2008, firm's distribution channel checks indicate HANS's ~6% price hike on Monster 16 ounce stuck at the first of the year, which could drive $0.20+ of upside versus 2008 EPS estimate of $2.20. On the cost front, HANS is less exposed to negative trends facing the Coke and Pepsi bottlers in higher PET costs.

With the stock down 25% since Q307 earnings, the firm recommends purchase. Their price tgt is $66.

Notablecalls: Man, Longbow's 2008 EPS est is above consensus & now they are saying they see upside to it! The stock has been crushed lately and I think this call will generate strong buy interest.

Actionable call alert!


GuybrushT said...

Ouch ... intra-day up until 12PM looks pretty bad. This thing is getting taken out to the woodshed with the rest of the market.

notablecalls said...


World of hurt.