Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Fyi... only sharing

Went long on SIRF at $ 9.00. Lost $1500.00 at $8.46. Stock never really stabilized and slid further.

However, was able to recover same amount on long - SNCR stock.



Notablecalls: Yeah, messed up on SIRF. Looking back, I should have issued a short sell call on it when it was trading around $10 in the pre-mkt. Going against 6-7 downgrades is just foolish. Sometimes is just doesn't pay to be a contrarian.

It's pretty tough out there.

Cutting back average position size is usually the best way to survive periods like this one. It all comes down to money management, believe it or not.


FrozenTundra said...

Tough day all around. I suspect SIRF would have done a little better in a more stable market.

Almost nothing did well today; GOOG LVS WYNN excepted.

stormbird8 said...

I forgive you on SIRF as obviously you are no better than the next man on short term punts, but I do not forgive you on repeatedly pumping RFMD up at 6.0