Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lack of posts?

Sorry for the lack of posts past 2 days. It's just that the market has been so manic-depressive that taking a stance on any individual names may have ended in a bit of a disaster.

Absent the slide in General Electric (NYSE:GE), the large cap banks and life insurers, I'd be willing to call a bottom here.

Hope to be back tomorrow with new stuff.


roberta said...

it's about time you realized what a disappointment this site has been. I look forward to it in the morning and lately, it's been a zero.

notablecalls said...

Thanks, I needed that Roberta.

dcxavier said...

President Obama said it's time to buy too. But the "going concern" statement in GM's 10-K isn't going to help things today.

You're correct to be wary of the banks and insurers. If you're leveraged 10:1 and the value of your assets falls 10%, you're insolvent. It will take hundreds of billions more (trillions?) to recreate a viable banking system. That one simple fact is what's driving the market. said...

Hey NC,

I know we all need a break sometimes, and in this environment it's sometimes better safe than sorry. You're morning commentaries have been pretty good with more insight to individual names. Keep up the good work!