Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR): JP Morgan out negative

JPM making very negative First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) call...."We are reducing our C09 EPS estimate to $4.43, well below current consensus of $6.58. We are also introducing a C10 ESP est of $4.77, which is significantly lower than current consensus est of $8.38."....they give a slew of reasons why street is underestimating the scope of problems FSLR is facing.....lowering target to $92....would use recent strength from China news to lower exposure....will get chance to buy cheaper-

Notablecalls: Ouch - JPM's the first of major firms to come out very neg on FSLR following the recent rally. Don't know how to play this one, though. It's so very prone to squeeze.

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