Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vmware (NYSE:VMW): Shorts on the run

I kinda like Vmware (NYSE:VMW) this morning. Think the shorts are on the run and the stock could hit $70 in a jiffy.

- Jeffco ups tgt to $70 from $55. Maintains Buy.

- Bear reits Outperform. Tgt goes to $95 (was higher).

- Merrill Lynch ups tgt to $74. Buy rated.



duffbeer said...

My son the brain of the family !!! Cisco network
guy say VMW saves lots of $$$$$$
No the brains where not my gift ,it was from his wonderful mom !!!!
Hey did you buy any T shirts form your short get away ?????
Cheers, DuffBeer

notablecalls said...


A said...


First time reader here, appreciate your insights. I tend to agree re: VMW, but do you have any thoughts on whether pre-market/AH movements are even vaguely reliable indicators? For instance, VMW was at 66.x yesterday, and it dropped to 64.x this morning, suggesting selling into strength. I suppose I'll find out soon enough. Thanks again! Ah, looks like it's heading down in early trading.