Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Amag Pharma (NASDAQ:AMAG): Strongly believe Ferumoxytol will recieve first pass approval- Jefferies

Jefferies out on the box saying to buy AMAG agressively here. Analyst says there will be NO delay.

Notablecalls: I do agree - at $38 the stock is a buy.

Deets: Jefferies notes on Friday they held a conference call for clients featuring AMAG CEO Dr. Brian Pereira. The firm says AMAG bears have argued that the ferumoxytol development program does not include a sufficient number of patient exposures to meet I.C.H safety guidelines (N=1,500). To set the record straight the firm notes, AMAG's CEO went on record (again) to confirm that, in total, over 1,700 patients and healthy volunteers were treated with ferumoxytol in the co's eleven clinical studies. The firm also says the fact that AMAG has the resources to execute additional clinical trials in C.K.D, but has chosen not to do so, suggests that AMAG strongly believes the filing is complete in its current form, per FDA guidance.

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