Monday, March 19, 2007

Quote of the Day

We believe Vista is a disaster. No one seems to want it-no corporation wants to be the first to use it, and no consumer (save a few early adoptors) wants to spend a dime to get anything other than future-proofing; no one in the supply chain believes it could provide anything of a driver for PCs. We believe Vista will be a non-driver, but Vista-premium features could be a real driver in 2H07. No one we spoke with believed. Ironically, most new $300 PCs are Vista compliant, although may run a bit slow in the graphics and are certainly unfit for power users.

Eric Ross, ThinkEquity Partners on CeBit 2007 PC And Processor Demand (March 19 2007)

Notablecalls: Must say I agree. Not actionable but surely entertaining.

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Eddie said...

Hi. This is Chicagrafo I think that Vista in the toilet is a disuasive of going long on PC-related companies, because there is a component of their valuation that was assuming the "Vista" factor and that has to drain completely. We need first to know the full extent of the "disaster"