Thursday, June 24, 2010

Equity Outflows Unstoppable, As 7th Sequential Outflow Of Domestic Equity Funds Brings Total YTD Redemptions To $29 Bn

Wanted to highlight something that was sent to me this morning:

The market has gotten to the point where, at least according to ICI, no matter what stocks do, all equity investors do is pull money out. The week ending June 16 was the 7th sequential week in a row to see domestic equity mutual fund outflows: $1.8 billion was redeemed, bringing the total for the 7 week period beginning May 5 to ($30) billion, and year to date to ($29) billion. Yet instead of following the trail of money (wrong direction), stocks are hanging on to the EURJPY and the several HFT algos, which together with the prime broker brigade keep the market afloat against the natural flow of funds. And even as equity redemptions refuse to abate, inflows into bond funds are as resilient as ever, perhaps explaining the surprisingly strong bid for both IG and HY over the past two weeks, where some very shady bonds have broken above par as HY underwriting syndicates hope the issuance window stays open at least one week more, before we see yet another record HY fund outflow.

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