Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Embarrassed yet?

Notablecalls: No words.


bl said...

About what?

Sia said...

What do you mean, "about what?"??? About the fact that Obama has started ZERO wars. How dare you not be embarrassed.

Dean said...

just when i thought i had finally found a politics free trading blog.

why, why, why.

bl said...

I forgot...keeps the wheel turning....

dave said...

These two are nothing more then non licensed civil rights attorneys ! He struts a good talk nothing more . They are both a great example of the Peter principle.

Business is politics and politics is business !

Get over the war thing , there has been one going on some where at any given time in history.
I do not want this sissy in my foxhole .He would be to busy trying to find someone to blame .
Embarrassed ?? no they are a disgrace