Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bring it on, Rally Monkey!

I suspect now is the time to bring out the....


Was watching Bloomie TV last night as commentators went ga-ga over the 'terrible and way unexpected' warning from Intel (NASAQ:INTC).

The stock is down around 6% this morning.

They didn't say anything we didn't already hear from Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) yesterday. Demand has fallen off the cliff and inventory levels have grown. Notice how BBY bounced?

It was only matter of time when the Wall St. induced crisis hit the Main Street. It's here and the stocks have already discounted it.

Paulson put out the open flames at fin. institutions and is now moving on to support the consumer. While the markets yesterday took this as a negative signal, I do believe this is really the prudent step. You can't support the whole system from one end alone.

Oh and, btw - Goldman's Conviction Sell for Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) is just silly. This thing has $2 in EPS power in better times.

Bring it on, Rally Monkey!


lowly habitat said...

without a clue

FeirFactor said...

Dell has almost $4 a share in net cash. So you get the whole company for $5! LOL

Pankaj said...

Good Call NC!!