Monday, December 11, 2006

Calls of Note Part 6

- CIBC comments on Cognos (NASDAQ:COGN) saying candlesticks are signaling a pause in trend...

The candlestick config. of the past few wks. suggests the rising trend of the past few mos. is about to stall. There are 2 bearish candle patterns that support firm's bias: 1) bearish engulfing candle on 11/27; and 2) hanging-man candle on 12/7, together suggest the structure is becoming vulnerable.

It also merits highlighting that the 12/26-9d MACD along with the 9d and 14d RSI indicators have started to descend, portending loss of bullish momentum. Firm also sees confirming loss of bullish momentum in the U.S. software sub-index chart patterns, which should weigh heavy on Cognos.

Notablecalls: LOL! Bad stuff really comes from Canada! Can't believe firms still publish stuff like that. To make matters worse I think they got the direction right. The BI space has been bid up on expectations of acquisitions by larger players (MSFT, IBM etc) to the extent that already reflect the takeover premiums.

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