Wednesday, October 04, 2006


According to the WSJ, insiders at Diamond Foods (DMND) keep coming back for more. Since the co went public last year, execs and directors periodically have bought shares in the open mkt, but never so many at one time as they did last week. 3 co insiders, including CEO Michael J. Mendes, bought a total of 14,625 shares for more than $200K.

Barron’s Online „Inside Scoop” section reprots that two hedge fund partners known for their conservative investing style are making an aggressive bet on a small tech co, Multi-Fineline Electronix (MFLX). But investors may want to be wary of the buying activity at the M-Flex. Michael A. Roth and Brian J. Stark have spent nearly $100.36m on behalf of Stark Investments, in order to build a stake of more than 4.5m shares, or 18.4% of M-Flex's outstanding shares. Ben Silverman, of, says Roth and Stark, who met each other while attending Harvard Law School, "early on identified an opportunity here" to buy shares. But, "there's not a lot of near-term visibility…and obviously the mkt feels the acquisition is not in the best interest of the co," Silverman says. M-Flex missed earnings ests for 2 consecutive quarters and is facing margin pressure after its largest customer Motorola (MOT) (which makes up 80% of its sales) announced significant price reductions.

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