Monday, August 28, 2006


The WSJ reports that eBay (EBAY) has signed a deal allowing Google (GOOG) to exclusively display text advertisements on eBay's auction Web sites outside the US. Under the deal, which will be announced today, eBay and Google will begin testing the advertising arrangements in early '07. The accord also calls for the co's to cooperate in developing "click to call" initiatives, which allow consumers to call merchants and advertisers directly using connections displayed in the ads. The co's said they reached a multiyear agreement and will share ad rev on certain components of the deal.

According to the Barron's Online, institutional players are buyng shares of Take-Two (TTWO). Italian bank Unicredito Italiano reported it had built a 5.06% stake in Take-Two with 3.65m shares. On Aug. 14, Icahn Mgmt disclosed it had acquired 800K Take-Two shares during the quarter ending June 30. The firm is led by billionaire financier Carl Icahn who is known for his activism in pressuring mgmt to unlock shareholder value. No insider has sold shares since Sep'05 or purchased shares since Feb'02.

Over the weekend one analyst in Fox News highlighted Under Armour (UARM), saying it will go up 25% by Super Bowl.

Notablecalls: Usually analysts in Fox News highlight large cap stocks. UARM has mkt cap of $1.66bn and it's a mover. Stock has fallen almost 20% recently and has formed a bottom. It may move up a few points in upcoming week or two.

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