Monday, August 07, 2006

Notablecalls - Paperstand

The CNET News reports that Sybase (SY) plans to introduce a data integration suite on Mon, to enable customers to access real-time, historical and outside data from disparate databases via one tool. The Sybase Data Integration Suite bundles together four existing products: Sybase Replication, Sybase Data Federation, Sybase Search and Sybase Real-Time Events.

The WSJ reports that AmerisourceBergen (ABC) is near a deal with Kindred (KND) to combine their institutional pharmacy units into a co with a mkt cap of $1-1.5bn.

The NY Post discusses A Consulting Team (TACX), which is set to held AGM on Aug. 22. Article concentrates on $8.54 per share buyout offer by Helios & Matheson. H&M offered in March to buy CEO's 43% stake for $8.54 a share. With the shares then selling for a mere $4.60 on the open mkt, the offer amounted to a stupefying 86% "control premium" over the price available to investors. Article suggests that it would be nice to hear CEO Shmuel BenTov explain at the shareholder meeting just how thoroughly he checked out the claims and credentials of H&M, a co with red flags sticking out of it in all directions, from bank balances that the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers was unable to reconcile in a recent due diligence audit to the sudden departure of the CEO earlier this year, to the co's close involvement with shady Indian stock promoters, who own 15% of its shares.

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nag said...

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DSQ in the making at 07: 12 (30th Oct 06)
Posted by Guest
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It seems you are confusing us for no reason. No shareholder or Director of a company would mention on a website of their Company declaring that they have not opened any account in the name of their company. One can therefore derive that that a Fraudulent account was opened by Helios and Matheson with the assistance of State Bank of Mauritius and a book entry made for the amount of US$ 13.5 million. With that fraudulent transaction Helios and Matheson is claiming that they own VMoksha and an arbitration is being taken place to drag the issue, otherwise this fraud would be clear for Sebi and other regulatory authorities and to the public / stock holders. Secondly the agreement between VMoksha and Helios and Matheson expired in 120 days, if no payment was made to the Company.

Helios & Matheson looks like a DSQ in the making and has the same footrpints. I am sure that if it is so clear to us it cannot go unnoticed by regulatory authorities.
Nothing personal Mane, but one needs to keep a strict watch and time will tell.

[Helios and Mat - BSE:Rs. 164.9 NSE:Rs. 165.05 when posted]
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Promising Outlook at 12: 38 (29th Oct 06)
Posted by mane
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Border since 5th Sep 04 | Posted 239 messages
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What I meant as personal opinion was not the share prices and bonus issues but the view that the prices were manipulated and that bonus issues were to bog down the "price appearance". That the Court has ordered the promoter of vMoksha not to put up incriminating news in the website and media clearly show that its website information were a result of hostility over Helios and the pricing of takeover. As per details available in the NSe website, Helios has also counterfiled claiming compensation against the promoters of vMoksha. The arbitrations are pending and it is therefore not fair to decide on the merits of the takeover episode. As such there have been claims and counter-claims on both sides; but the entire issue lies in pricing of the takeover. Similar issue figured also in the case of Jet Airways. Hopefully, we should not take stands before the results of arbitration are out. Helios has declared that the issue will not change its financial projections for the FY07, and its performance for the Sep qtr is in line with expectations. And finally, Mane feels he has little influence(or misinfluence) on boarders' investment decisions.

[Helios and Mat - BSE:Rs. 164.9 NSE:Rs. 165.05 when posted]
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Careful !!!! at 18: 30 (28th Oct 06)
Posted by snayak30
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One thing I have learnt in this market of late is, dont go purely by PE. If PE is very low, that means something is fishy on the company. Before thinking that you have discovered a gem and jumping into it, be very watchful.
The days of making easy money are gone. You need to be very very nimble footed, and watch out.

[Helios and Mat - BSE:Rs. 164.9 NSE:Rs. 165.05 when posted]
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good one at 18: 15 (26th Oct 06)
Posted by anexy
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Dear Friends,
I would like to bring to your attention today the following which I saw on the website of vmoksha. This is getting very scary.

25th October 2006

We Vmoksha Technologies shareholders and directors confirm that we did not open any account with the State Bank of Mauritius - Mauritius and no Board Meeting was ever held by us on 28th June 2005.

The “Fraudulent Account “ Opened and loan granted for an amount of US$ 13.5 Million (Approximately Rs. 62 Crores) by State Bank of Mauritius – Mumbai/Mauritius is also without shareholders and directors knowledge as confirmed above by our Company Secretary and Administrator M/S International Financial Services Mauritius. A legal action is contemplated against the State Bank of Mauritius and others. We are also contemplating for a request for inspection of documents held with the State Bank of Mauritius as the loan applied for was with the alleged forged resolution document reading inter alia as under:

It was resolved that:

(a) the company avails itself from State Bank of Mauritius Ltd. of Port Louis, a short term Loan of USD 13.5 m against:

* Personal Guarantee of Mr. V. Ramachandiran (chairman) and Mr. GK Muralisrishna, MD of Helios and Matheson Information Technology Ltd.
* Lien letter for pledge of proceeds by Helios and Matheson Information Technology Ltd.

The account was opened :

Without – Any – Account Opening Form Duly Signed by all directors and
authorized Signatories

Without – Any - Signature Card – Duly Signed by all Directors and Authorised

Without – Any - Duly Signed and certified Memorandum and Articles of

Without – Any – Board Approval

Without – Any - Board Resolution Duly Signed by all directors/Company

Without– Any- Knowledge of the Company Secretary / Administrator of the

Without – Any – Passport copies and Photographs – Duly signed and certified by /and of all the directors / authorized signatory

Without – Any – Knowledge about our company / Vmoksha’s Financials ie:-
Last three years Balance Sheets duly signed and certified by all
the Directors /Authorised Signatory.

Without – Any – Address Proof of the Company and its Directors and
Authorised Signatory.

Without – Any- Copy of Incorporation and commencement Certificate- Duly
signed and certified by all directories / Authorised Signatories.

Without - Any - Introduction from our existing banker of Vmoksha which is HSBC Mauritius

Without - Any - Initial / Minimum Deposit

Without - Any - Signature Verification of all the Authorised Signatories from VMoksha's existing bankers HSBC Mauritius.

NO "KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER" as well as NO "DUE DILIGENCE" norms were followed.

[Helios and Mat - BSE:Rs. 168.5 NSE:Rs. 168.35 when posted]