Monday, July 17, 2006

Notablecalls - Paperstand - Barron's

Barron's discusses favorably Apple (AAPL), saying that Macs, after a major overhaul, are now poised to grab some real mkt share. The new models, featuring Intel chips for the first time, can run both Apple's operating system and Microsoft's Windows. The importance of that could well become evident in the coming back-to-school season, as students who've come to like Apple as a result of iPods consider switching from Windows-based machines like those of Dell (DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ). That is, Macs at last may enjoy a long-awaited "halo effect" from the success of the iPod. "The stock needs to transform from an iPod stock to a computer stock," says Walter Price, of Alliance Global Investors. That shift may be under way already. As interest in Macs picks up, bulls maintain that the shares will jump anywhere from 45-75% in just the next 12 months.

Notablecalls: Expect to see interest in AAPL. Barrons' cover story usually moves stocks.

Barron's highlights fund manager picks, including YHOO, STN, BYD, LVS, MGM, HET, PNK, IGT, AAPL, HD and SSP.

According to the Barron's, at and change, Panera (PNRA) sells for 31x '06 expected earnings, a big premium to the restaurant group. With sales growth declining, the stock is likely to fall, perhaps by 30%.

Barron's discusses Republic Services (RSG), saying that at around 40 ashare, the co trades for 20x '06 ests and 15x free cash flow. The shares could climb at least 20%, to the high $40s, in a year.

Barrons' "Technology Trader" column says that ImClone (IMCL) has reportedly attracted a couple of bids. The stock trades 38 and change. That's already close to the price that admirers, like Morgan Stanley's Steven Harr, believe ImClone can expect from an acquirer. The bidding deadline supposedly was pushed out to sometime this month, to allow bidders to savor the 2Q sales report scheduled for this coming Thu. But, article suggests, if ImClone's bidders have any brains, they'll also use the extra time to focus on a patent case that ImClone has been defending in a crowded federal district courtroom in Manhattan. That's where Weizmann Institute is claiming that a key patent now licensed to ImClone was stolen earlier from Weizmann scientists. Closing arguments are set for this week. If court finds against ImClone, the co's rev growth could hit a roadblock.

Notablecalls: Considering Imclone has two large and smart holders, Carl Icahn and Bristol-Myers (BMY) one must assume the bidder will have to offer a nice premium to current mkt price.

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