Friday, August 27, 2010

The Wal-Mart Cake

OK, so this is how the conversation went:

Wal-Mart Employee: "Hello 'dis be Walmarts. How can I hep you?"

Customer: "I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week."

Wal-mart Employee: "What chu wan un de cake?"

Customer: ''Best Wishes Suzanne,' and underneath that, 'We will miss you."

You can't fix stupid!!!!!


Ramesh said...

Is there any proof that the Wal-Mart employee was West Indian? Or is that just your assumption?

dave said...

West Indian's have a much higher education and a dialect that one can understand.
This sounds much more like an o' Bama supporter from the south side of Chicago .

Cheers DuffBeer

notablecalls said...


stockmaven said...

Or perhaps it's Obama himself and not just an Obama supporter,Dave. Just saying...

dave said...

Well as some one who knows alot more about mr & mrs teleprompter then all who voted for this mess. I was aware of what they were really about many many years ago. They did declare exactly what they were going to do.
in those fancy prepared speeches ! Sad so many fell for it.
They use a very different dialect in front of each different group they speak to and at.

Personally I trust the cake decorator vs BHO !

I have watched this guy climb from the south suburbs of Chicago when he 1st went into state politics !

Looking forward to November !!!!!!!!
Cheer DuffBeer