Thursday, August 13, 2009

Experienced trader looking for a new firm

Solid trader w/ 10+ years of experience, trading large size, well connected looking for a new firm in the NYC area.

- Started his career as a prop shop trader, has spent past 5+ years as a HF trader at a large fund.

- Mostly intraday trading

- Proven track-record

- Departure from current firm NOT related to performance issues

If you happen to have a vacancy at your firm or know a firm that has one, shoot me an email.

Notablecalls: Good guy, top member of NCN. I watched him make 10-15 mln last year trading mostly large cap stocks. Has a very good feel for the market and can navigate pretty much in any situation.

I strongly recommend you contact me if you need a capable guy on your team.

1 comment:

Sia said...

Why does anyone need to work with a firm if they can make 10-15 million in a year? Use your own money and make 1/10 that and keep it yourself.