Friday, May 30, 2008

Cover your Solar shorts! - Piper Jaffray

Piper Jaffray is out with a Solar call saying that according to German news agency DPA, and supported by their contacts close to the Social Democrat Party (SPD), the German Government reached final agreement on feed-in tariff reduction for Solar and Wind at 02.00 AM this morning. They understand that the agreement will be incorporated in the EEG bill on Monday by which time the feed-in tariff reduction will be made public. They also understand that the bill will be voted through parliament as early as Friday next week rather than end of June.

The feed-in tariff reduction is said to be 8% for 2009 (previous 9.1%), 8% for 2010(previous 7%) and 9% for 2011 and onwards (previous 8%).

Notablecalls: Good news for Solars as most of the stocks have been getting hit lately on fears of Germany lowering support for its solar initiative. I expect the likes of STP, FSLR, SPWR retrace at least most of their yesterday's losses. Note the worst case expectations were for 30% decline in 2009.

Short Term Actionable Call

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rsr said...

I wish you had picked up the extreme pump job on ENER from PJ. I don't know if it was well publicized but it certainly gets the Blogett award this week/quarter/decade.