Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paperstand (AAPL, MYL)

The WSJ out saying that co’s hang up on Apple’ (AAPL) iPhone. While millions of consumers are eagerly anticipating iPhone launch next week, Bill Caraher is bracing for the worst. Mr. Caraher, technology director of von Briesen & Roper, says he is being besieged by inquiries from employees wondering whether the office's email system can be used with the device. His answer, at least initially, has been no. The main problem is that the iPhone can't send and receive email through the co's corporate BlackBerry email servers. He says he is unwilling to look into workarounds, b/c they might compromise the co's security. "It's another hole in the system ppl can exploit," he says. This scene is being repeated in workplaces throughout the country as Apple moves closer to its much-ballyhooed rollout of the iPhone. While iPhones can be used for email, for now, many businesses don't plan to sync them with internal email systems that use technology from RIM (RIMM), MSFT and Good Technology, owned by Motorola (MOT). All this may change later this month when Apple plans to unveil the iPhone. According to a person close to Apple, the co is expected to fight for this mkt, currently dominated by players like RIM, Palm (PALM) and, increasingly, Nokia (NOK) and Motorola. If Apple comes up with an acceptable strategy for integrating with business software systems, many co’s might change their tunes.

Barron’s Online “Inside Scoop” section reports that Mylan Labs (MYL) Vice Chmn and CEO Robert J. Coury paid $926K for 50K shares from June 14 to June 15. Also last week, CFO Edward Borkowski bought 5K shares for $92K and director Rodney Piatt bought 4K shares for $74K. Michael Painchaud, of Market Profile Theorems, calls the recent insider purchases an "actionable buy" signal.

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