Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank you all for feedback!

Dear NC readers,

Must say I'm overwhelmed by feedback. Not only did many of you post comments on the site, but also sent me numerous emails with wonderful comments. Here are some examples:

It's your site - do what you please. Your content is so good that very few will be turned off by an ad banner or adsense crap.

John W.

Hi there I couldn't comment because I'm not a member. I'm the stonedinvestor I check your site once in a great while but I was turned off for JUST the reason you are highlighting too many no care posts. I even did a parody called NotableBongs for a short while! I think by cutting back you are making a great move, but be careful too much inaction makes a Blog look really dead. As for ads to each his own I wouldn't do it-- it will feel cleaner and I
think you can still be swallowed by a larger player at some later time.

Yours- Ben

Dear NC,

I have been late in discovering your work, to my detriment.... ads on the site are fine, and why not? They are so omnipresent they become part of the background anyway.(at least as long as they don't blink).....

I have become devoted to your work in a short time, so beware of walking catfish and feral rabbits and such....and many thanks for AQNT !Hope your pause refreshes, gwc

It surely looks like most of you enjoy the blog in its current state. Also, most readers don't seem to mind ads as long as they remain tasteful. And that they will.

See you all tomorrow morning.


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